Liquor License Violations

Helping You Reach a Reasonable Resolution

Despite best efforts, occasionally mistakes occur. When a business holds a liquor license like a bar, restaurant, brewery, or taproom, these mistakes can be costly; resulting in fines, suspensions, and in extreme cases, losing a liquor license. The attorneys at Runco & Proffitt, P.C. make a point of educating clients on liquor laws and the regulations governing them to ensure full compliance. We are also here to help in the unfortunate event of an alleged liquor license violation. Common alcohol permit violations in the liquor industry include:

  • Trade practice violation
  • Unlawful financial assistance
  • Sale to minor
  • Sale to an undercover cadet
  • Sale to a visibly intoxicated person
  • Failure to maintain adequate books and records

These types of violations may involve the federal, state, or local licensing authorities in addition to other law enforcement agencies. Your business can trust Runco & Proffitt to assist with the investigation and resolution of any potential liquor license violation, and to help maintain the ongoing operation of your business’ alcohol license and the integrity of the alcohol industry.