Liquor License Transfers

Keeping You Compliant Within the Liquor Law

Once a distillery, winery, or other business obtains a liquor license, there are several different issues that may require a change to that liquor license. Management changes, ownership changes, mergers, and joint management agreements all require different types of approval, sometimes before any changes are made. At Runco & Proffitt, P.C., our expert liquor attorneys help clients create the correct type of transition documents and report changes to the governing authorities at the proper time.

Some changes to a liquor license’s layout may also require approval. Adding off-site storage or moving a location will also require approval from the licensing authorities. Runco & Proffitt can help you plan for those changes and guide you through the approval process.

Runco & Proffitt is your one-stop practice for complete liquor license and alcohol law coverage, including liquor license transfers. Contact us before you make any changes to your operations, ownership, or liquor license to make sure your business is covered and compliant.