Casino and Gaming Law

Casino & Gaming Law

Runco & Proffitt, P.C. specializes in gaming law and is proud to represent casino operators and suppliers in both Colorado and Nevada. At Runco & Proffitt, our trusted attorneys have the expertise and savvy to easily navigate the various casino and gaming regulatory agencies with authority. Our attorneys help businesses obtain and maintain a casino or gaming license as well as providing key counsel on structuring gambling operations to create a successful gaming enterprise.

Runco & Proffitt keeps casino operators and suppliers up-to-date and compliant with all gaming law and casino licensing. Runco & Proffitt lawyers are highly experienced experts on the traditional forms of gaming, such as brick and mortar casinos, racinos, horse racing, and lottery, as well as newer forms, such as internet gaming. As the industry evolves, Runco & Proffitt closely monitors gaming law trends and permissible forms of gaming, keeping our clients at the forefront the gaming industry.

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