Liquor License

Robert C. Runco to Present at Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream

Robert C. Runco will be one of the featured coaches at the upcoming Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Speed Coaching session in Denver, CO on July 25, 2019. He will be there to discuss the legal aspects surrounding small businesses in the food, beverage, and craft brewing industries, as well as licensing requirements in the hospitality industry. If you are a small business owner or operator in the area, you can sign up for this free event at

2018 Legislative and Regulatory Update

2017 was a relatively quiet year on the legislative front for the Colorado liquor industry. While 2018 does not bring the same sweeping changes to the Colorado liquor industry that came in 2017, there are several modifications that businesses should understand. While the Colorado liquor industry continues to adjust to the current and prepare for the upcoming changes resulting from SB16-197, most legislative changes in 2017 came in the form of ensuring continuity between similar licenses. Legislation was passed that returned

I Want to Sell/Manufacture Alcohol in Colorado. What Type of License do I Need?

The liquor licensing process can be very complex and confusing. It is imperative that applicants begin their journey on the right path. There are over 30 types of liquor licenses and permits in Colorado, many having overlapping privileges and they all have distinct differences. Many of these licenses also have different levels of regulatory approval. Without the proper information and guidance, this can often lead to an application for a type of license that doesn’t meet your intended operations. Choosing the